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QSO DF5JJ DJ5NQ 20160823

Laser Light Communication

23. August 2016, 19:00 UTC
DF5JJ / DJ5NQ 2-Way-AM-QSO 660nm over 57.942km,
RST 59+/59+, S/N >=80dB RX saturated!

Further tests after QSO:
DF5JJ sent 660nm (Red) AM phonie down to 20mW - RST 52 at DJ5NQ
DF5JJ sent 850nm (IR) AM phonie down to 20mW - RST 55 at DJ5NQ
DF5JJ sent 385nm (UV-A) AM phonie full 0.5W - RST 21 at DJ5NQ (that time one-way-UV-worldwide record 57,9km)

All tests were done without talkback equipment!

RIG of DF5JJ, Peter Cerveny, JN57BN, 1120m ASL
Ant. D=600mm F=600mm UVT Fresnel lens (>90% from 385-1100nm, >80% at 340nm, 50% at 290nm)
Meade LXD-75 Mount, QTF tracking accuracy AZ=0.016° EL=0.025°
TX UV:  385nm LED 0.5W out, 50% into 0.2° beamwidth, 100% into 0.3° BW (secondary lens)
TX VIS: 660nm LED 3W out, 50% into 0.4° beamwidth, 100% into 0.6° BW (secondary lens)
TX IR:   850nm LED 2.5W out 50% into 0.4° beamwidth, 100% into 0.6° BW (secondary lens)
RX: BPW34B frontend (KA7OEI design)
  Interference bandpass filter 640-680nm for 660nm-operation and highpass 800nm (>90% transmission) for IR-operation
RX/TX-Modes: AM, MCW, WSJT-X (tested down to -26dB in WSJT BW 2.4kHz)

Finder Scope:
Fraunhofer-Refraktor D=80/F=400mm
with 23mm crosshair ocular
Finder Camera: Sony Super HAD CCD II Sensor, 1.4/50mm Nikkor, limit sensitivity = 11.0mag star at 1 sec. exposure (gain=1)
Both aligned on the same optical bench with the fresnel.
Focal is adjustable for diverse focal points of UV/VIS/IR (accuracy/stability/repeatability <= 0.2mm).
The optical bench with its fresnel is collapsible for transportation.

RIG of DJ5NQ, JN47QQ, 450m ASL
TX: 100mW Laser 660nm
RX: OPT210 150mm UVT lens

LaserLight-TRCVR in RX-mode copying laser of DJ5NQ (visible in the image)

Audio file of QSO DF5JJ/DJ5NQ, 58km, 660nm

Check the local webcams/weather maps for light path condx here on my website.

73 es see you on UV-VIS-IR