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DF5JJ History

Radio Amateur Curriculum Vita:

  • 1976 Examination to radio licence DB1EY
  • 1978 Examination in telegraphy to radio licence DF5JJ
  • 1977 Built my firsts 144/432MHz-Power-transmitters. With it I made plenty of directive radio communications via Aurora, Meteorscatter, Sporadic E-Layers and Troposcatter (Distances up to 3000km) from JO31.
  • 1980-1984 Built SSB/CW-microwave transceiver/transverter for 1.3GHz, 2.3GHz, 3.5GHz and 10GHz. Several initial contacts from germany to other countries with distances up to 1200km from JO31.
  • 1992 Built a complete 432MHz-moonbounce-radio-station inclusive antenna production (big yagi array). With it I worked (only in CW/SSB modes) 120 stations in 24 countries from JM19LU. It was the historical first 70cm-signal on the moon from Balearics/Spain.
  • 1993 Built a complete 1296MHz-moonbounce-radio-station. Production of the 5.5m-parabolic dish, all RF-moduls, LNAs, HiPwrAmp (1kW out) and computer-aid-moontracking (azimuth/elevation/doppler) with camera steered tracking as backup.
    Diverse Test-QSOs from JO31. Then transport all components to Majorca Island.
  • 1993 Built up the complete 1296MHz-moonbounce-radio-station. In 4 years worked (only in CW/SSB modes) around 900 stations in 31 countries (incl. WAC) from JM19LU. It was the historical first 23cm-signal on the moon from Balearics/Spain.
    Also with it I measured several astronomic noise-sources e.g. Cycnus, Saggitarius, Cassiopeia, Sun and Moon. Simultaneous I create a software with high accuracy to calculate that measurments by inputted all system parameters, sky- and antenna temperaturs, measure frequency and solar flux.
  • 1994 Built a complete moonbounce radio station 2304/2320/2424MHz inclusive antenna production. With it I worked (only in CW/SSB modes) 11 different stations in 8 countries from JM19LU. It was the historical first 13cm-signal on the moon from Balearics/Spain.
  • 1995 Got a additional spanish radio license with call sign EA6ADW (from 1992-1996 the call EA6/DF5JJ had been used on the moon)
  • 1996-1997 Several lectures (e.g. GHz-Meeting in Dorsten, GHz-Meeting at Radiotelescope Effelsberg/Stockert) and publications about the astronomic experiments and developments.
  • 1995-1998 Built a narrowband directive link 10GHz/24GHz-radio station. With it I made successfully measure links over 1200km distance and 400km on 24GHz from JM19NW. I analyze the different hydrogen attenuations and reflection factors at tropospheric inversion layers . Simultaneous I create a software to simulate signal strenghts in relation to all weather datas, topographic profils and station parameters.
  • 1993-2000 I develope (used simulation software Touchstone/EESOF) several low noise amplifier. I built several coaxial cavity amps (>1kW output on 432/1296/2304MHz). Realize a 25W-TWT-Amplifier with power supply on 10368MHz. Design, simulation and realization of a coaxial cavity HiPwrAmp (tetrode tube) for 50MHz, 2000W CW-output, good IM-characteristic and high linearity.
  • 2001-2004 DF5JJ in JO43XO:
    432MHz Directive radio communications via Aurora (1600km), Meteorscatter (1500km), and Troposcatter (Distances up to 1150km).
    1296MHz Directive radio communications via Troposcatter and aircraft bounce (Distances up to 1000km).
    Built a 10GHz/24GHz-rainscatter-station with successful QSOs over a range of 800km. Preparation for remote controll via 5GHz-WLAN-link over 5km distance is in process. Location should be the Lufthansa-Yard at Hamburg Airport. A selfmade software steers the transceiver, both transverters, all PAs and both azimuth/elevation motors with 0.1deg resolution. The transfer of the AF-signals are obligatory. Two high speed 8-channel-12bit-AD-converters transfers all measure datas (PA currents/voltages/temperaturs, output powers, antenna reflection power and calibrated rcvr-signal strenght) to the host computer.
  • 2004 A second 10GHz-equipment for moonbounce link (EME) is nearly finished. It is a high performance system with LNA 0.4dB noise figure, 50W CW-output and a 1.20m-precision-offset-dish. For a frequency accuracy of better 1 Hz on 10368MHz a special PLL locked the 60°C-oven controlled OCXO to a rubidium-10MHz-oszillator. Full compatible to the rainscatter station and so its also remotable. It produces detectable moon echos (S+N/N = 3dB at spectrum analyzer) over a distance of about 720.000 km.
  • 2002-2004 Design of a new weather radar in 9.4GHz-band. The magnetron transmitter has 25kW, PRF=50Hz, 5µS, the receiver has 0.5dB noise figure. The maximum range with the present software is up to 1200km on its screen of a laptop. With tropospheric irregularities you will see the surface topography (depend of object typ) up to range limit.
    A first test with a low power 1Watt-transistor-transmitter, 10µS-puls and a 34dBi-antenna produced good rainscatter echos up to 400km.
  • 2005 Due to founding and developing the non-profit organization Karmapa´s Healthcare Project in Nepal/India all radio activities had been stopped. DF5JJ went QRT and sold all components within 2005 .
  • 2014 DF5JJ returns from Asia to Germany every summer.
  • 2015 First Light Comm Tests from JN57 grid over 57km.
  • 2016 Astro photography