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Peter Cerveny
DF5JJ, JO43XO, Hamburg/Germany
Operating periode from 2001-2005

144 MHz: 5el., 20W, only for microwave talkback
432 MHz:
22el. Long-Yagi (9BV homemade), 900W (YL1050), 0.35dB NF,
Elevationrotor for Aurora, MS (FSK441), EME
1296 MHz: 26el. Long-Yagi (9BV homemade), 30W/400W (YL1050 cavity), 0.22dB NF (FHX35cavity)
10368 MHz: SSB/CW, 55cm-offset-dish, f/D 0.75, 34.0dBi, 15dBi-Horn-Feed (long version), elevation rotor for rainscatter. 10GHz Trvtr incl. TWTA, HT-PS and 24GHz-Trvtr all-in-one-box at the dish. Power/SWR//HT-currents/humidity/temp. controlled by remote.
TX: TWTA YH1193, 24W output, 20W at feed, 31.0kW ERP
RX: NE32584  nf = 1.40dB+0.6dB(cable,circulator,relais)
sun 2.2dB S+N/N (SolarFlux 130), earth 3.5dB in dish, gain=34.0dBi, G/T=10.5dB, Ta=40K, Tcs=5K
local oscillator OCXO (60°C),controlled by HP5342Aopt01-18GHz-counter, locked with Rubidium-10MHz-Ref. (accuracy 2*10-11 = 0.2 Hz on  10368MHz ).
All pwr-measurements by HP435B/HP8484.
24192 MHz: SSB/CW, same 55cm-offset-dish, 41dBi, servo-switch for 10/24GHz-horn feeds ,
15dBi-Horn-Feed (long version for low phase error loss)
transverter full WG-output, local oscillator OCXO (40°C), controlled by
same reference with error of 0.5 Hz on 24192MHz.
TX   4xFHX35 parallel,  250mW output 
RX   2xNE32584   nf=1.70dB + 0.10dB by WG-switch (servomotor)
Measurements on 24192MHz in 9/1998 (80cm-dish):
sun 7.5dB S+N/N (SolarFlux 135), earth 4.0dB with horn, 3.75dB in dish, gain=45.0dBi, G/T=22.2dB, Ta=35K, Tcs=5K
Beacons to check  JO43-location:
432.420 , DB0VC , JO54IF , 4*doubl.quad, 10W erp
1296.824 , DB0HF , JO53BO , big wheel , 300mW
1296.919 , DB0VC , JO54IF ,290m ASL
10368.809 , DB0GHZ,JO34WE,slot,4W
10368.915 , DB0VC , JO54IF , 1W,290m ASL

JO43XO ant2 180055cm-offset-dish plus TWT-unit for 10/24GHz